Liberty City of David – Part 7

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August 19, 2018
Passage: Isaiah 60:2

Pastor Dawn McCann | Isaiah 60:2

We are literally making a way for His Kingdom to come to earth where all those called by His name will flow as one. With the Father’s glory being the light. Where we will no longer have any struggles, no longer any tears, just spending eternity being one with Him. But here, now, we have assignments as His sons and daughters to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in staying focused on having His heart, and embracing it, displaying it and sharing it. ALL IN isn’t a catch phrase. It is a prophetic declaration calling to all who will hear and respond. God is waiting for a people to come to Him and submit to Him. Then He will restore YOUR temple, and YOU will carry the glory of God, spilling over on those you encounter, and bringing holy upheaval to the nation!

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