Give It All

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April 30, 2017

Pastor Dawn McCann/Matthew 6:33

We can operate in a dimension where we can see things the way God sees them and operate in His power, in His Kingdom and His promises. Everything stems from relationship, and relationship comes from hearing God’s voice. We must think higher and realize there are higher consequences to our decisions. What we have been called to do is what we will be judged upon at the judgment day, not just what we actually do. We all have the same things to offer to the King and to build the Kingdom: Time, Talent, Energy, and Finances. What are you sowing of your time, talent, energy and finances to go after God’s presence? Do you want to operate without limits?  Do you want the power of God to be with you and move through you? To enjoy the fruitfulness it will bring, it is up to ONE PERSON. That person is you. A fully surrendered person who wants to GIVE IT ALL.

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