An Enemy Has Done This – Part 2

Service Date:

Preached By: Pastor Dawn McCann

Scripture: Matthew 13:24-28


Pastor Dawn McCann | Matthew 13:24-28 Worship to God comes in many forms. Our love for Him should show up in everything we do. When we are so in love with Him that He has charge of our whole “house,” we will make life decisions based on Him. We may have let the Lord in a small part of our house or a large part of our house. But we won’t defeat the enemy until the Lord is the owner of the whole house. Then He will come just as He promised, and He will divide the wheat from the tares! He will throw the enemy out for us. When our lives are a reflection of His love and heart for us, there is no room for tares to affect us, and there is always room for Jesus in every place of our heart. It is then that lives are affected and changed.