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The Encounter that Changed Everything
Being a Bondservant
Give It All – Lazarus – The Bigger Picture
Life Seeds – Jochebed
Give It All – Expect the Miraculous
Give It All
Full Capacity
Easter – So What?
Battle of the Flesh
The Shack- Freedom in Forgiveness
The Shack – Judgement-Godship
The Shack – Keep Your Eyes on Me
Finding Meaning in The Shack-Part 1
Limitless Living
Limitless – Part 6
Limitless Relationship Part 5
Limitless – Part 4
Limitless – Part 3
Pastor Theo Koulianos
Limitless – Part 2
Limitless – Part 1
Preparing the Way of the Lord
Road Blocks to Greatness
A Miracle for your Miracle
Be Thankful! Trust God!
The Water is Stirring for Healing
The Power of the Spirit – Unlimited
Producing Fruit
Over Your Head
God is Good
Old / New Covenant Ministers
Covenant – The Lamb that was Slain
Water Baptism
Living Free Because of the Covenant
Covenant Relationships – Part 2
LA Missions Team
Faith in the Results of the Love of God
Faith in the Love of God – Part 3
For The Love Of God – Embrace God
Faith in the Love of God – Part 2
Faith In The Love Of God – Part 1
The Shining – Gideon
From Doubt To Faith – Gideon
Preparing for Victory – Gideon
Come Out Of Hiding – Gideon
20/20 Vision Part 3
20/20 Vision Part II
20/20 Vision
Let Your Kingdom Come
A Place Called Home – Welcome Home
A Place Called Home – Living Together
A Place Called Home – Family Room
A Place Called Home – Living Room
A Place Called Home – Dining Room
Come Home – Easter Service
Overcoming Adversity
Sowing Unintentional Seeds