Church-wide Intercessory Prayer

Liberty meets every Tuesday @ 7:14 PM

Our Tuesday night prayer meetings are characterized by a strong desire to see God move freely in our own personal lives, as well as our church, our community, and the nations of the world through the power of prayer. This awesome time of unified prayer and communion is lead by Pastor Dawn René McCann. For those who want to press in to the promises of God by cooperating with Him in impacting God´s people and the world, this weekly meeting will change you as much as it changes the world. As you pray, you´ll experience God´s heart and it will satisfy your hunger for more of God and develop a deeper level of discernment and compassion.

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Nathaly Rodriguez

I wanted to submit a prayer request.

The situation in Venezuela is getting worse each day. I am in a group chat with my family on WhatsApp and today they are making lines that last for hours and going to different stores to find food and they can't find much- if anything at all. One of my aunts was in line for 4hrs this morning and only found one bag of rice, cooking oil, and powdered milk while my other aunt hasn't been able to find anything yet.

Everyone is getting desperate and trying to buy as much as they can before there is nothing at all, but they put limits on the amount of products you can buy and do not offer much at all.

My mom and I can't send food to them because it will never make it to them. Anyone that gets a hold of a package from the states will confiscate it.

People go out to protest, but it's dangerous because the law enforcement in Venezuela are the ones going against the people and hurting them.

My family tries to keep a good attitude and they like to joke around about the situation, but as it's getting more intense, the jokes and the good attitude have not been as common anymore. 🙁

I wanted to pray for Venezuela the last time we had prayer at church!

Thank you!

Received: June 8, 2016

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