Day Twenty One

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11 But when the multitudes knew it, they followed Him; and He received them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who had need of healing. – Luke 9:11

Connecting others to God is more than just a statement of clarity, it is a call to action.  Jesus never made statements that were void of responsibility to respond.  His intention was never to have a list of amazing one-liners in a book so that people could later read them and say, “Wow!”  He declared the truths of the Kingdom and then demonstrated those truths in real life power.  He was not only interested in declaring right Theology to lost humanity, He wanted to connect them to the Father of the Theology He preached.

In like manner, we have a mandate to walk in His steps.  If we intend to truly connect others to God, it will become necessary for us to live a life that reflects completely the Theology we believe.  The early church saw the relevance of this truth and prayed an amazing prayer that brought that truth into their reality.

29 Now, Lord, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, 30 by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus.” – Acts 4:29-30

This is a great prayer to pray over yourself as you purpose in your heart to be intentional about connecting others to God through word and deed.  Remember, start where you.  If your boldness is only at the level of giving someone a Word of Blessing card, do that.

Also, connect yourself with others that have grown in this area of boldness and allow them to challenge your actions so that you can also grow in boldness.  The greatness of the action is not found in the magnitude of what you did, but in the fact that you did something.  When you step out of the boat to walk on water, the amazing thing to celebrate is that you actually had the courage to step out of the boat.

Celebrate the risks you take, not the outcome of those risks.  As you do, He will do through you.  It is not your job to convince people of their need of a Savior.  That is the job of Holy Spirit and He is very good at.

Jesus is so thankful for your heart of compassion for the lost.  Keep taking risks and growing in boldness.  Surround yourself with people that can encourage you to take greater risks as you grow in boldness.  Never let your heart stop loving.  Never give up on people.  It is God’s will that all should come to Him.  Join me as we go after being the answer to Jesus’ prayer to His Father:

Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession. – Psalm 2:8 NKJV


Lakewood Live: We Speak to Nations

Reinhardt Bonnke: God uses ordinary people – 11:00-12:35

How to share the gospel with your hand 1:00-4:12



When I was writing this I was also praying over each page and I asked the Lord what does the victorious church look like to you?

He said:  “rescue parties” I am not sure all of what that means. But I know parts of it.  I know we are the ones that he is counting on to rescue the lost and the hurting.   I know there is still time for the church to awaken to the seriousness of the times.  That the church will see through awakened eyes.

We would like to see a great awakening – a move of God that would once again provide opportunity to change individuals, cities and nations.  It will happen through those who have laid down their lives to the point, they don’t care what God asks of them, and they consider it a privilege to obey.  By those who don’t just see their agenda for the day, but HIS agenda for the day.

Many will come to know Him.  But they need a voice.  They need a touch.  They need transparency.  They need unconditional love.  They need you and me.

I pray you that as you have fasted and prayed, you have found Him burning in your heart and you are ready.

We must release what we have, to increase in all areas that the church of the living God will have the impact He has always intended us to have.

The world had an initiative “no one left behind.”

I believe it started with soldiers then students, and now on the internet there are so many that have taken that phrase to create many ministries that help others.

We must take that same phrase to a different level.  Every person must have the opportunity to know our Jesus.  Not one is to be left behind.

Let us move with the rhythm of his heart and be obedient to the heavenly call.

The only thing we can take to heaven with us, is other souls who once were lost, but then were found by the power of God that lives inside of us.

Ask God for the one, and ask him for the nations as well.  Think BIG!!!

We speak to nations


I love you!  I love Him!  WE LOVE THEM!


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