Day Three

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One of the things God said to us regarding 2016 was that:

David couldn’t go into battle with the armor on, the way that it was done in the past, because it was confining to him. God was releasing a new model … a new wineskin, and a new breath of the Spirit. David was going to model it in front of all the armies of Israel.

He had spent his time out in the fields worshipping God. He was able to carry the new model and bring the army of Israel to victory. Although he had a part to play, David was going to release something in order to bring the increase.

David had to let go of the old model, the old ways, even the old weapons, in order to bring the increase of total trust in God. He knew that when He released the gift and the tools that God had trained him in, the battle would ultimately be won. As he released what he was given, God released the supernatural.
18 Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.
Isaiah 43:18 KJV
We must connect to God because when we know HIM, know His power and love, that’s when we are effective.

David had to stand before Goliath, but he wasn’t the only giant he was going to face down.

Just like us, he was also going to face down the tradition of how it had always been done.

We have all been given the opportunity to come to know God in a more intimate way.
David’s opportunity was on a hill with sheep, and he took advantage of that time to get to know God and His ways. He was learning how to use tools to defeat the enemies that would come to steal, kill and destroy.
We have been blessed to be in a timeframe of history where there are worshippers who can lead you into God’s presence-on the internet, on YouTube, in our churches. It is in these places of worship that He arms us with new weapons.
And they are the exact weapons that we as individuals need to release against our enemy when he shows up.
David had a stone that he put in his slingshot that certainly would not have looked like the right weapon against such a huge foe. But it was HIS weapon that God instructed him to use at the time.
If we are to increase this year, we must take the weapon that we have been given, individually and corporately, to bring down the enemy.
What do you have in your hand?  What have you learned in your time alone with Him?  What did He show you?  Have you spent enough time with Him that when the enemy shows up, you become a fierce warrior so aware of the presence of God, that you are fearless against the lion, the bear and the giants in the land?
God armed David with His presence. And when he released what he had inside of him, it brought the enemy to his face on the ground.
You have the same God, and the same angels, and a weapon in your hand.
It is time to release the weapon and rise into a new confidence.
For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh.
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling
down strongholds. 2 Corinthians 10:3a-4  NKJV
So today we pray that we become aware of what God has put in our hands. Our weapons can be praise, grace, joy, prayer, holy determination, discernment, unity, faith, the Word, and so much more!  As we face situations, we need to pull out the right stone and release it against the enemy and win the victory.
Lord, thank you for training us for war now, with fresh revelation of the weapons we have in our hands and how to use them with new awareness and obedience. We ask Lord, that they would be used correctly, and that You would release the angels to carry them where they need to land against the enemy, every time. We thank You, and believe You for the now instructions you give us, right in the moments we need them.
We release the stone of PRAISE.

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