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Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food,

supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of

your righteousness, while you are enriched in everything for all liberality,

which causes thanksgiving through us to God. For the administration

of this service not only supplies the needs of the saints, but also is

abounding through many thanksgivings to God. 2 Corinthians 9:10-12

The potential of a seed! If you could see it the way God sees it in its final form, you would see it has not only caused you to be supplied and increased, it has enriched you to be liberal in all things. Notice that it causes thanksgiving to occur. Have you ever experienced the joy of giving?

Imagine if no one ever experienced the potential of a seed and no one ever gave anything to anyone, ever. The end result is a joyless society with no power of their own. That is what the world’s system is becoming—joyless, for they no longer want to help their employer to thrive; they want to take from them.

The employers no longer sow seed to their employees. They try to squeeze more work out of them for less pay because they know they are desperate just to have a job.

It has become a joyless tragedy, for seeds of trust and goodwill and giving are

being withheld. Selfishness negates love.

The opposite is how the Kingdom of God works. It is the upside-down Kingdom. It is pure joy to give, expecting nothing in return from the person you seeded to, and instead, expecting God to honor the potential of the seed sown and providing even more seed because you have sown.

It is joy unspeakable, and it brings glory to God. For you realize whatever you have sown is nothing in comparison to how much God is going to do with it. The potential of a seed is exponential.

Exponential: expressible or approximately expressible by an

exponential function especially characterized by or being an

extremely rapid increase (as in size or extent) – growth rate.

The opposite is how the Kingdom of God works.

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