• Dennis Roberts
    LIBERTY SCRIBES SERIES 2018 #16 (11/11/18) Having a Change of Heart! The scripture says, from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Usually the contents of your heart can be heard from your mouth (Luke 6:45). The Psalms are filled with positive expressions that can tell you of all the goodness of God. When your heart is filled with the good things, there is usually no room for the bad things to creep in. When you start talking truth, lies begin to fly. If you are speaking anything except the good things of the Lord, you definitely need a change of heart. When your heart is changed, then it will also affect your decision making. There was the story of the centurion (Matt. 8:5-6) in the Bible, who had a good heart to come solicit for healing for his servant – from Jesus. He persevered and waited on Jesus to heal his servant. He understood authority. He honored the one man who had authority over his situation and he got a healing visitation for his servant. Respect and honor also conditions your heart to trigger the release of grace through humility. Jesus chose to come down to the earth