• Dennis Roberts
    LIBERTY SCRIBES SERIES 2018 #15: 11/04/18Reversing the Curse! Back in the beginning (Gen. 1:28) – God created us in His image and likeness and He BLESSED us. We were created by Him to be like Him, but the enemy came and corrupted the blessings and God’s intentions for us. Man derailed, and believed the lie of the devil, and then came the curse and consequences of disobedience. But even through all that, God had never changed His mind about us. We were still in His image and in His likeness. Jabez was chronicled in 1 Chronicles 4:9 as a more honorable man than his brethren, but prior to that, his mother called him “grief and sorrow”. She named her child “accursed” in response to her circumstance – which may have been a painful situation. Jabez was known as the guy that would bring sorrow to everything he touched. Despite all that, Jabez never defined himself by his name. He had to know how God rescued His children, how he took them from captivity, established and blessed them. And he saw himself in the eyes of God – as a blessed and honorable man. To reverse the accursed signature that trailed