• Liberty Life Center
    The problem with us not acting as a conqueror is that we do not believe that we were made champions. We are burdened down mostly with our unbelief and the knowledge of the past. We should rather re-standardize the scale with which we measure our capacities as conquerors. God is waiting for people who will be crazy for Him, willing to change the atmosphere for His purposes. The Creator doesn’t just want us to live in the fantasy of our dreams, but He wants us to function in the realm where they become realities. He has made us to be partakers of His glory that we might be carriers of His presence everywhere we are. To conquer means to gain mastery over a thing. Conquerors are champions who defend or fight and support a cause. They are made for first place – as winners. Champions see beyond the obvious and have an identity that God has released to them. Most people, however, still operate in the capacity of an untransformed mind – as slaves who are subject to their soulish realm rather than of the spirit. Second Corinthians 3:18 says to see through the mask and see as through a