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    Jesus was heading into Jerusalem in a triumphant entry with a perfect understanding of the fulfilment of His purpose to become the sacrificial lamb for the salvation of the world; but prior to the fulfillment of His assignment, He had to be glorified. He was lifted upon a donkey and declared as king – with people laying down their coats and palm frond branches – crying out ‘Hosanna’. Luke 19:38 narrated that the people shouted and praised and gave all those accolades to Jesus because of all the wonderful things they had heard about Him – the miracles and the mighty works He had done. But He had one more assignment to conclude to fully vet His glory – on the cross – that would conquer hell and death forever. To some of the Pharisees who stood by, they might only have acknowledged religion and ordered Jesus to silence His ‘praisers’ and worshippers; but Jesus made them to understand that the stones would cry out in their place if religion silenced the people’s worship. He is the King of glory and His name had been glorified above all names – heaven and earth had to recognize that. Jesus’ crucifixion was