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    God has appointed his church to be the difference not just to make a difference. The spirit of the Lord is with his church, and it is time we stopped vetting his authenticity, we need to just let him move. When the Day of Pentecost came and the disciples received the Holy Ghost in the upper room, the rest of the city was also impacted by his move. The story of Esther when she was being prepared as queen for Ahasuerus points out that she was prepared for six months ahead of meeting the King. She was treated and bathed in exotic fragrances, and of significance was myrrh – which was one of the three gifts Jesus was also presented with at birth. Myrrh is a symbolic fragrance for preservation and revitalization; and that was also used for Esther’s 6-month preparatory phase prior to being shown to the King. Esther however was not just ordained to be the queen, she was appointed and favored by God to fulfill a purpose for the children of Israel who had been secretly condemned to be annihilated. The church has also been called not just to mind its own affairs but to also stand