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    Liberty Life Center
    ACKNOWLEDGE THE NEED TO CHANGE There is so much God has planned for His people to enjoy, and to accomplish as well. Part of the reason that it seems unobtainable at times is because we have religion, which kills the Spirit. By that, I am not talking about denominations, I am talking about bondage. Religion is a system that holds you to a bunch of rules, as though keeping rules would work. We all know all that does is cause us to see our inability to obey the rules in our own strength. The entire Old Testament was to show us rules and to help us understand what NOT to do. Without the Spirit of God, the rules are impossible for us to accomplish anyway. It is just temporary, somewhat enabling us to momentarily overcome until we fail at trying. Religion is obvious when you begin to examine what you do and why you do it. Do you spend time with God because He is exciting to be with and He is the center of your life and thoughts, or do you just visit Him with a list of needs in your hand? Do you remind yourself to give Him