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    Liberty Life Center
    RESOURCES Recognize God’s provision for us to be able to be ALL IN. We have been formed by God in His image and in His likeness, and we have also have all been invested in by God. He has given to us all Time, Talent, Energy and Finance. TIME Everyone has the same exact number of hours in a day–twenty-four hours to be exact. And it is what we do with them that will make a difference for others, as well as ourselves. It can and will ultimately make a difference for eternity! Imagine the fact that we have the ability to enlarge heaven and decrease hell’s population. But we do! It will take us deciding what is important and a priority of our time. What we choose to give ourselves to can determine someone else’s life. If we are ALL IN, then we should be ALL IN for looking for the way to spend our precious moments with God so that we have precious moments FROM God to change someone else’s life. TALENT Everyone has gifts. We call them talent but the truth is that talent is just gifts that have been grown by embracing them and utilizing them.