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    Liberty Life Center
    VISION Vision is “the ability to see or dream, especially as part of a religious or supernatural experience.” Vision is necessary if we are to accomplish anything in the Kingdom of God. I am not talking about natural vision, but we must see as God sees things. That means we do not just look at things as they appear to be, but we get to look through spiritual lenses to see everything as He sees it. And our Father sees everything through eyes of love and through spiritual revelation. Abraham got to know that God was his reward because of a vision he had in the night. After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.” Genesis 15:1 NKJV   It was a revelation of the giving God that he served. It killed the fear that was trying to steal away his coming reward. Vision that the Lord gives us will always cause us to see past the present circumstances. Abraham couldn’t figure out how he could be the father of many nations as he was still childless. He appeared childless.