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    CONNECT TO GOD – AS YOU KNOW HIM MORE, YOU WILL RELEASE YOUR ALL TO HIM As we are seeking to know God more, one of the greatest ways to know God is by the names given in Scripture. The names of God give Christians tremendous comfort because they reveal aspects of His nature and character. Proverbs 18:10 says this:   “The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” The person who understands God’s names will better understand his character, and therefore, have a tremendous source of strength and protection while enduring the trials of life. In knowing Him, you will realize there is so much to praise Him for. Let’s pause here to pray: Lord, please reveal more of you and your character and heart to me today. I want to know you more to love you more and to serve you more. Thank you for joining our hearts together today as I seek you. I want to fully connect to you. Amen Though I have taught a series myself on this, the following is mostly taken from Bible.org. If you want additional information, feel free to go to that web site.