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    Liberty Life Center
    God has provided the necessary seed to loose the power of His Kingdom for the purpose of productivity and multiplication. We must recognize the Sower has sown the word to us, made it available for us. (Luke 8:11) He has sown seeds of power, authority and destiny into us. We must receive it and fertilize it by reiteration to make sure we have gotten the revelation of the truth of it. (Luke 8:15) We must take action by doing something that agrees with it. We must be sowing ourselves into the Kingdom, into others, with whatever seed we have been given personally and corporately. It is up to us to take advantage of the seed sown. If you do not, it can become unfruitful and the desires of other things trip you up. Or the distractions of other things trip you up. Or the distress of other things trips you up. (Luke 8:14) That is why it is important for you to hear and hear the word. You can have an experience on Sunday morning, but the life-changing sermon isn’t life changing for long without the necessary fertilizer. In a practical sense, you can listen to the sermon again, through