Cindy Taylor

Department: Children’s Ministry

Areas of Ministry: Nursery, Toddler, and Children Ministry Team Lead, Elder

Family: MARRIED--Married to Eric, the love of my life!

Kids: Three grown kids who were among the first kids at Liberty when Liberty began...Justin, Jonathan, and Melissa--they all love God and serve Him here at Liberty, help in the youth, and arts and missions trips.

Parents: Mom and Dad are Bible Translators and Church Planters in Papua, Indonesia. They retired on the mission field and are finishing translating the complete Bible in the tribal language--speeding up the return of Jesus!

Saved (Salvation Story): I asked JESUS into my life when I was 3. At a young age I was burdened by saying something unloving to God--and God turned it around and saved me in a supernatural moment that I still remember. Because of this experience, I know that God wants to reveal Himself to young hearts, no matter how young!

One of the Things I Find Most Fascinating: Children, babies, flowers, God's Great Love


Food: Fried rice

Snack Food: Brownies

Dessert: Brownies and Ice cream or Pumpkin Pie

Movie: Pride and Prejudice

TV Show:

Musical Artist: Newsboys

Time of Day: Sunsets and you can see the palm trees silhouetted

Season: Spring

Place in the World: I like them all--beach, mountains, home, heaven on earth

Place to Pray: Early in the morning on vacation

Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Books

Scripture: Rejoice in the Lord always! Philippians 4:4

Sports Team: Dolphins, Heat, Marlins and my Daughter's volleyball team


Food: Baked Ziti

Snack Food: Pretzels

Sports Team: I like them all


Life Motto: More of JESUS

My Hero: Pastor Dawn and my Parents

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: I saw angel wings and came back to myself with a jolt...I saw Jesus walk past me one day....I was in the war room one day on top of the mountain and felt God's peace and saw the whole layout of the land with the battles going on.

Most People Don’t Know This About Me:  I was on funniest home videos... I had a tree kangaroo for a pet... I cry when I pray...