Our Purpose

Our Mission

Liberty’s Mission is to love God passionately and serve others significantly by embracing, displaying and sharing God´s love

Liberty’s Vision is to influence community transformation by…

Cultivating an environment in which we fully engage with the Spirit of God and the truth of His word. Providing the necessary training and hands on experience for effective discipleship and personal development.  Helping families develop healthy relationships that reflect heartfelt commitment between spouses, parents, and children.  Sharing the love of God through outreach, missions, and church plants.  Empowering each individual to fulfill their God-given purpose, live a life of freedom, and influence each generation to do the same.

Our Values

Our Core Values bring clarity to the things that matter most at Liberty. They guide how we achieve our mission and keep us focused on the unique call God has given us as a local church.


  • Unity: Serving one God with one heart for one purpose
  • Freedom: Empowering families and individuals to walk in victory through the salvation of Jesus Christ
  • Excellence: Intentionally setting high objectives, exerting sincere effort, gaining intelligent direction, and exercising skillful execution
  • Relevance: Revealing God´s vision to today´s generation by effectively meeting their practical and spiritual needs
  • Integrity: Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, truth over popularity, upholding God´s high standard over word and deed
  • Outreach: Aggressively displaying God´s love through selfless acts of compassion
  • Development: Imparting kingdom principles based on love and spiritual insight by providing opportunity for those who desire to grow through mentoring, training, and equipping