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Dawn Renè McCann

Pastor Dawn René McCann is the founder and Senior Pastor of Liberty Life Center, co-founder of Made For More, an annual Spirit-led prophetic/mentoring conference, and the author of several books including, The Commanding Anointing, Baggage Free, Living the God Life, and the much anticipated, God’s Indelible Ink. Under the mantle of a prophet she lives a life of deep intercession, enabling her to declare the pure word of the Lord that brings freedom, hope, and direction. Her Prophetic gift has been proven over the past 35 years and her curriculum in the prophetic continues to impact nations around the world, empowering believers to clearly hear the voice of the Father.

The mandate of her life is to empower this generation to recognize their identity, to awaken the Church with unrelenting passion for Christ, and to see the Kingdom of God expressed here on earth as it is in Heaven through a spotless Bride.

Department: Senior Pastor

Areas of Ministry: Connecting to Jesus, connecting to people, connecting people to Jesus

Family: Two married children with seven grandchildren and many add ons to our family. We just merge people into our lives, hearts and family. Personally: unless” He “also walks on water, I’ll just stay with Jesus

Saved (Salvation Story): I was fortunate to be raised in a Christian home, but my defining moment was when I went to vacation bible school and they had a ceremony where we “married Jesus” and we got a little gold filled ring that was marked IAH meaning “I am His. “ Through my ups and downs of life, I realized over and over again, I am HIS. He has never left me of forgot His promises. Awe. I love Jesus the MOST.

One of the Things I Find Most Fascinating: Different cultures, architecture and people. I love to interview people and find out what their viewpoint is and why.


Food: Carbs, Dear Lord, Carbs Favorite: Pasta, potatoes, rice

Snack Food: Candy, Chips…yep that's why I am trying to change eating habits

Dessert: Blackberry pie

Movie: Ben Hur, What’s up Doc – it’s really outdated but I laugh so hard

TV Show: Madame Secretary

Musical Artist: They are all at Liberty leading worship

Time of Day: Sunset

Season: Spring

Place in the World: Anywhere not freezing

Place to Pray: Seriously? Everywhere! But maybe the sanctuary

Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Historical sites, love museums with beautiful art and interesting facts but also love Disney…they finally sucked me in.

Scripture: Isaiah 61

Sports Team: The ones my grand kids are on


Food: Wild game meat

Snack Food: Can’t think of one, what does that tell you?

Sports Team: Whatever my grand kids are not in


Life Motto: All we need is more of Jesus and a move of the Spirit

My Hero: Jesus

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: My call on the Sea of Galilee to be a Pastor

Most People Don’t Know This About Me:  I have a very silly side and love to laugh- and if you really get me going, I may not stop for a very long time….

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