Operate in Love

God is looking for the hungry, passionate, ones who won't give up on their pursuit of Him. How many of you know there is always more of Him to understand? Always more revelation of what you are capable of? Always more love to receive and to give? As we do, the way we function will change. And the things that once had importance in our life, will change. He has called us to live a life of love. As we operate in love, the glory will be seen in real time. The video below is Heidi Baker explaining one of the times God invaded her life and shifted her focus. A blind woman healed by love. Watch from 50:43 - 58:34 for the story.

She was on her way to a meeting - she thought the meeting was for leaders, but God knew there was another meeting that was more important. The meeting of the one. Face to face with the one. The thing that was more important to God, changed her day, to change someone else's life. This is not just for Heidi, this is for yielded lovers of God. For if you love Him, you will yield to Him and His will will not just be known, but acted on by those that are His. The ones who know there is more for all, will go after God's heart and get His secrets and they will receive even more than they expected! The secret that day was that those who already had received from Him could wait a little longer, in order to give someone dignity and worth, eyesight and salvation. What is on God's heart for you today? Will you take the time?

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