We are called and consecrated to be involved in signs, wonders and miracles. Like the Israelites, we must come out of our comfort zone and step out in FAITH.

God will bless your servant-hood. He looks for those who will desire to know Him and go after Him wholeheartedly, and obey Him. As you serve, out of love for Him, the vision you are serving begins to open your spirit and your spiritual eyes.

Here’s the sweet spot: When we finally understand the redemptive purposes of God and why He has brought us together. We just need to obey His heart, even if we don’t see the things coming into view the way we want. He will see to it that His dreams will come to pass – for your church and for you personally.

The blessings of the promises are still available for those who will connect to the vision and be willing to overcome the temptation to go back into captivity, even if it means you will have to fight for the Promised Land. It is time to break free!

What comes out of our mouth will create the atmosphere in which we live. It makes a difference when people quit grumbling and complaining and instead enter into an attitude of worship!

Pastor Dawn Renee McCann  /  Mark 11:22-24 What is your land of promise?  The time is now to begin expecting those promises to come to pass in your life!  God removes the mountains in our lives that block our path to the promised land, as we do our part!

Connected – Connecting with God

Sunday, 18 January 2015 by

In order to stay connected you must have a high level of commitment. Purpose and destiny is hidden within each individual and will be lived out as you stay connected to the One Who placed them within you!

Living Connected

Sunday, 11 January 2015 by

If you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you are “Divinely Connected”, you are “networked” to the greatest Being in existence – the Almighty God! Being connected to God in relationship everyday and connecting others to Him is success!