We are literally making a way for His Kingdom to come to earth where all those called by His name will flow as one. With the Father’s glory being the light. Where we will no longer have any struggles, no longer any tears, just spending eternity being one with Him. But here, now, we have assignments as His sons and daughters to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in staying focused on having His heart, and embracing it, displaying it and sharing it. ALL IN isn’t a catch phrase. It is a prophetic declaration calling to all who will hear and respond. God is waiting for a people to come to Him and submit to Him. Then He will restore YOUR temple, and YOU will carry the glory of God, spilling over on those you encounter, and bringing holy upheaval to the nation!

Generation to Generation

Monday, 13 August 2018 by

We have a tremendous opportunity and the sobering responsibility to pass our faith on – to our children, our grandchildren, and everyone we may have in our sphere of influence. God has a plan for how we are to pass down our faith to the next generation, and it won’t just happen by chance. Each generation has the responsibility to bear witness before the next generation concerning God and His mighty deeds.

People after God are ALL IN. David jumped into God so deep that he knew that whoever came against Him, no matter what he faced, God would be there. He would turn things around. Do you realize that, like David, we are chosen? And that we are in a dire situation in this world? It’s time for the Church to arise and to re-establish things that will bring the change needed to put God’s order back in order.

As we are in pursuit of God’s presence. He reminds us that He is always in pursuit of us. As we seek to honor Him and lift up the name of Jesus, He shows up. There was no sermon preached. Just Jesus.

Pastor Dawn teaches about the power of repentance – in David’s life and ours. God never gave up on David. He saw his heart, and He remembered the original intentions He had for David’s life. In this portion of the series, we see the covenant that God made with David, and that it was for his generations, including us! God is releasing more revelation about this covenant and what it means for us today.

Pastor Dawn recalls the mandate on Liberty Life Center, to be established in the Town of Davie, as the City of David. In the study of David and his accomplishments and failures, we see that God’s plan for him continued. Because he was not only repentant, David still had a passionate heart to worship God and lead others into that worship, he was able to establish the Tabernacle of David, which impacted the city and the people forever.

In this message, Farrell explores the praise and worship expressed in the Tabernacle of David. Join us as we learn about these various expressions and then put that knowledge into action. The key to the power of praise is found in knowing that praise must become an active and primary part of our daily lives.

We are discovering the differences between Moses and David, and how it relates to us today. We know God is bringing a new thing – new wine. He is looking for His bride who only has eyes for Him, who only wants Him to be glorified. We know that hunger for His presence and worship are keys where we receive revelation of Him, and grow to love Him more and more.

God is revealing His blueprint for the next move in His Church. In studying the life and heart of David, there are keys for us to follow. God’s presence and revelation flowed during this powerful service with Prophet Wayland Henderson.