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Join us as we take a journey through the pages of the Bible to learn about attitudes. The characters we meet describe in detail how their attitudes affected the outcome of their lives. We end the journey with Jesus addressing the attitudes of Mary and Martha.

God our Father has demonstrated that He is totally devoted to us, His children. He created us with gifts and abilities, and we have great value in His eyes. And if we are created in His image, we have the same ability to be devoted to Him! When we understand and settle this in our hearts, we can be secure in His love, we will be devoted lovers of Him, and we will be dangerous to the lovers of the world!

All In

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The Wise Men

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The three wise men were the wisest men of their time. Discovering that the Messiah was to be born, they organized an expedition to find Him. They followed His star that led them to Bethlehem, and they pursued until they found Him, worshiped Him, and honored Him with gifts. How could we do any less? We, too, need to: Acknowledge Him as the Messiah / Pursue Him until we find Him / Worship Him / Honor Him with gifts. Time, talent, energy and finances are due His wonderful, beautiful name.

The Announcement

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In Luke Chapter 2, Luke describes the angelic annunciation of the birth of the Savior of the world. It did not come to important dignitaries or kings, but to shepherds tending their flocks in the middle of the night.There is a reason why the angel came to these particular shepherds. God is still announcing His gift and plan for all mankind. He is still calling all to come and behold Him!


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Honor – the first commandment with promise. “That all may go well with you.” (Thrive, be successful, have favor.) Honor is vital in the Kingdom of God – not just for your parents, but all those in authority, your employer, co-workers, all those in your family, in your church. Each individual is crowned with honor by God, and when we honor others, it not only honors Him, it gives access to God’s best for your life and your generations. Pastor Rick exhorts us to honor others, focus on the gifts and strengths of others, encourage and edify those close to you, and even strangers. It will make a difference in your life and in the world!

Why Did Jesus Come?

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His Mission Statement
Jesus quotes Isaiah 61, and declares His mission statement. He begins to reveal that God was restoring His original intent to His children. He always had a plan to restore the order that was in the Garden of Eden. Freedom. Authority. Wholeness. Sonship. Can you hear the trumpet of Jubilee?

God chose to partner with you to change people’s lives. As you recognize the power of this partnership, you are able to stop living little. What He has asked of you may seem small or it may seem overwhelming, but you will never talk Him out of what is on His heart. It is time to GO BIG!

Partnering with God

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God has called each one of us, but He doesn’t just call us so that we can go for Him. He wants us to go as a person changed by such an encounter of seeing Him in His holiness that holiness becomes a part of who we are. Isaiah walked through this process and became a voice to the nation as a result. Isaiah had to SEE what he needed to see so that God could BE who he needed to be.

The times we are living in look much like it did in the prophet Ezekiel’s time, when God took him to the valley of dry bones, where the army of God was dead and dry. Our God is Sovereign. And though He can do whatever He wants, He chooses to partner with man, even when man does not deserve it. He is causing us to realize who we are and whose we are. We are His people and He is our God. And when you begin to respond to what He is doing in you, things are going to align themselves for your benefit and for the benefit of the Church, and cities and nations!