Pastor Dawn McCann/Matthew 6:9-13 The greatest need of every person, and the number one thing the Church needs to understand and operate under … is a sense of belonging.  Sonship. Knowing that God is your Father. The orphan spirit has kept many in a place of bondage and blindness in regard to their relationship to

Every home is divided up into sections. 70% of which would be considered “together” space. In like manner, a large majority of our Christian experience is lived in the “together” rooms of life. In this message, Farrell takes a look at four areas of Christian living that have the potential to multiply in effectiveness and fulfillment through the concept of “TOGETHER”. It is God’s Design…It is His Strategy!

God treasures and values family. He has provided family for every person to belong to; it’s called His church. We were made to be a part of God’s eternal family. But you have to choose to belong. And it takes determined love to step into line with God’s intentions for family. That’s what CONNECTION is about!

Part 2 of the series, “A Place Called Home – the Living Room” – Pastor Dawn shares the importance of being at home with God. When you are invited into a living room, you know you are invited into a special place in the house. There is something different about the atmosphere, but it is still supposed to be welcoming and warm and cozy. When you become comfortable with God as your father, you will live like God intended you to live, and you will become a welcoming place of safety and love for others to come to, also!

With salvation comes many benefits. When you surrender your life to Christ and trust Him as your Savior, you are welcomed “home” into God’s Kingdom. Pastor Dawn serves up some warm apple pie as she outlines 6 benefits of being a child of God. New life. Sonship. Deliverance. Healing. Protection. Prosperity. You can have the assurance that you are loved and forgiven, and that He has a purpose for you as well! Then you can be productive and fruitful in His Kingdom!

Home: a place where you are loved, relaxed and comfortable; Where you find peace and harmony with your surroundings; familiar ground. COME HOME to a loving Father, who desires to have a personal relationship with you, who offers forgiveness and unconditional love!

Overcoming Adversity

Sunday, 20 March 2016 by

Jesus told His disciples they would have adversity and tribulations in this world. So we shouldn’t be surprised when they come. Rather, we should nurture a “healthy spirit” by putting our faith in God and trusting Him to get us through any difficulties we may face. This will also strengthen the Church, when believers join together in prayer and unity. God has created us to be OVERCOMERS!

If you have ever wondered why you’re not seeing a good harvest in your life, there may be a reason. We can reap a bad harvest because we have not examined all the seed we have sown. We can be unintentionally sowing bad seed, with our habits, our attitudes, our words and our actions. God has set the law of sowing and reaping into place. So we must be intentional and aware of the seeds we are sowing every day, in every area of our life.

There are many different types of spiritual seed – Sowing into relationships, sowing by praying for others, sowing time, etc. Sowing these types of seed is vital to your future! Along with the seeds God has sown into you, the seeds that you sow to the spirit will come back to you when you reach a “tipping point”, a significant moment in your spiritual walk, and this harvest will secure your destiny!

God sowed His best seed – His only Son. It was intentional, with a purpose, with an expected harvest. There is no better spiritual seed you can sow than to sow intentionally to knowing Jesus and falling in love with Him daily. Sowing into Him is the highest call of all!