Knowing that the Bible is God’s living word assures us that it is true and God is trustworthy. His love is unconditional and everlasting. He has put His love in our DNA, as we were formed in His likeness. That means that God has provided a way for us to operate in the Kingdom of God’s system, a higher way of living, above the system of the world. God’s love changes lives. It never fails. That’s why we can have faith in His love.

In this new series, Pastor Dawn is encouraging all of us to understand and experience the love of God in a personal way. God is bringing change to the Church through an outpouring of His love – to us and through us. He is calling the Church out of hiding, and into having FAITH in His love – His amazing, unconditional, sacrificial, everlasting love.

How does the world view you? What if we lived our life like those in the Book of Acts? We try, but what if we had faith in the LOVE of God? We need a revelation of His love to live like that. Love is the transforming agent. It gives you superhero powers. There is no greater power on earth. It’s time for the sons & daughters of God to “break their pitchers” and let the light of God shine. It will scatter the enemy and bring the victory!

How do you get out of doubt and into faith? Through the amazing story of how Gideon brought about victory for the Israelites, Pastor Dawn brings out the necessity of allowing God and His Spirit to work through you, and obeying Him even when it doesn’t make sense in the natural. God is calling modern-day “Gideons” to awaken, arise and blow the trumpet! Daddy-God has already defeated the enemy!

Pastor Dawn continues her teaching, using Gideon as an example of God intervening in a hopeless situation. If you are feeling hopeless, God knows where to find you, and just what you need to cause you to rise into your purpose!

God has saved us and made us His sons and daughters. However, through circumstances and relentless attacks of the enemy, we can forget who we are and whose we are! God found Gideon hiding from the enemy, and He called him out and reminded him of who he was! The intimidated Gideon became the warrior He was called to be and led the Israelites into victory with God as his helper! In this teaching, Pastor Dawn guides you to come out of hiding and be who God has called you to be!

20/20 Vision Part 3

Sunday, 29 May 2016 by

Using Samson as an example, Pastor Dawn shows how we can easily become sidetracked in pursuing our destiny and living out our purpose. God had a plan for Samson, and even though he got off track, God was able to achieve HIS goals through Samson. Even if you make a bad decision, He still has the ability to do great things through you. He knows your frailties, just like He knew Samson’s. He will never forget His covenant with you, or the purpose He created you for! Yes, God does allow and welcome “U-Turns”.

20/20 Vision Part 2

Sunday, 22 May 2016 by

God has given each of us gifts to be used in His Kingdom. With His purposes in mind, He also empowers us. But we are not to be arrogant about the gifts He gives us. We are not to use them to show off, or to play games. If you don’t keep his vision in your heart, you can delay, or ruin God’s intended purpose. Learn how to keep your spiritual 20/20 vision on!

20/20 Vision

Sunday, 15 May 2016 by

Sight is a wonderful gift from God. Having 20/20 vision in the natural is great. That means our eyes can see well without any assistance, i.e., glasses or contact lenses, etc. As people of God, we need to understand that He has also given us the ability to have 20/20 vision in the realm of the spirit. What we see in our spirit can carry us beyond our natural feelings, or any challenges we may face. God will give you a heavenly vision that will help you to keep going, even when times are tough. It will strengthen you to obey Him at all times. If you don’t have a heavenly vision, ask for it! God has 20/20 vision for you!

Pastor Randy’s practical teaching as a spiritual father will encourage and challenge you in your pursuit of your Heavenly Father. In pursuing our place in the Kingdom of God, there are many defining moments in our life that shape us and steer us in the right direction. When you pray, “Let Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,” be ready to have your strengths and your weaknesses magnified, as the Father trains and equips you for His Kingdom work.