Keys to the Kingdom – Good Seed/Bad Seed

Pastor Dawn McCann/Luke 6:45

To be effective in ministry in any capacity, we must follow the 2 great commandments:

  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength, and
  • Love others as you love yourself

We must watch our mouth! Because it’s telling what is in our heart. Words can change someone’s life for the better, or the worse. Wrong words can leave a deposit in the container of your mind that can cause you to live below what God has provided for you. But words, spoken in love, have consequences too: They bring life. You have power in your mouth to bless others. We must maintain our own personal time in God’s Word and spend time talking and responding to Him, getting filled up again. We can change the atmosphere and get in proper alignment by putting the right things in the good seed/God recycle bin. You have the ability to change somebody’s day, even somebody’s life. If you are speaking in accordance with God’s Word, you will speak in accordance with His heart.

8 13 17-Keys to the Kingdom Good Seed Bad Seed

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