Keys to the Kingdom – PRAISE

Pastor Dawn McCann/Hebrews 12:28

Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us give thanks, by which we offer to God an acceptable worship with reverence and awe;
We have received, and are receiving the revelation of all that it means to be a part of His kingdom that is unshakable. A key to the Kingdom is to acknowledge all that He is with all that we are in an attitude of worship and praise. His manifest presence will give us keys to the Kingdom. And we will be disciples who know Him differently, because of intimate relationship that comes during praise and worship. And adoration for who He is draws heaven’s will to earth.

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2 Responses to “Keys to the Kingdom – PRAISE”

  1. Letha says : Reply

    Once I was bound and had no freedom. My slave master had no mercy and I did not understand what love was. But I had hope and then Jesus came! The Love of my life showed me how to love, brought me out of bondage, set me free me, and gave me the gift of intercession and a heart to serve. I can’t do anything but praise Him! Praise is in my belly, my heart, my mouth, my tongue, and in my walk just at the mention of His name. I am flooded with praise in Jesus’s name. I am so grateful!

  2. Susie says : Reply

    Father God when circumstances seem impossible for us to overcome and we are stuck in a hard place we have You as our answer. It’s by prayer and PRAISES we see You move. Just like Paul and Silas we know our relationship with You is key. One of the Keys to Your Kingdom is PRAISE!
    I agree with this and stand fast on You and Your promises and I WILL PRAISE YOU AT ALL TIMES!
    THANK You Father that in doing this, it is a sign and a wonder to those that don’t know You yet. They will become thirsty and inquire from us how to know You personally, Father! Praises to You ignite Salvation for others!

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