Look What God Has Done
What Makes the Difference…
Condition of the Heart
Ask of Me
Jesus Before, During, and After the Storm
Believe and Trust God
Having Faith for Miracles
Keys to the Kingdom – YOU
Keys to the Kingdom–Good/Bad Seed
Keys to the Kingdom–Agree With God
Keys to the Kingdom-Agree With The King
It Makes No Scents
Choice Wars – Faithful/Unfaithful
YSOR – Youth Testimonies
Purpose and Goodness of God
Keys to the Kingdom – Praise
My Favorite Things About ABBA Father
Keys to the Kingdom – Compassion
The Encounter that Changed Everything
Being a Bondservant
Give It All – Lazarus – The Bigger Picture
Life Seeds – Jochebed
Give It All – Expect the Miraculous
Give It All
Full Capacity
Easter – So What?
Battle of the Flesh
The Shack- Freedom in Forgiveness
The Shack – Judgement-Godship
The Shack – Keep Your Eyes on Me
Finding Meaning in The Shack-Part 1
Limitless Living
Limitless – Part 6
Limitless Relationship Part 5
Limitless – Part 4
Limitless – Part 3
Pastor Theo Koulianos
Limitless – Part 2
Limitless – Part 1
Preparing the Way of the Lord
Road Blocks to Greatness
A Miracle for your Miracle
Be Thankful! Trust God!
The Water is Stirring for Healing
The Power of the Spirit – Unlimited
Producing Fruit
Over Your Head
God is Good
Old / New Covenant Ministers
Covenant – The Lamb that was Slain
Water Baptism
Living Free Because of the Covenant
Covenant Relationships – Part 2
LA Missions Team
Faith in the Results of the Love of God
Faith in the Love of God – Part 3
For The Love Of God – Embrace God
Faith in the Love of God – Part 2
Faith In The Love Of God – Part 1
The Shining – Gideon
From Doubt To Faith – Gideon
Preparing for Victory – Gideon
Come Out Of Hiding – Gideon
20/20 Vision Part 3
20/20 Vision Part II
20/20 Vision
Let Your Kingdom Come
A Place Called Home – Welcome Home
A Place Called Home – Living Together
A Place Called Home – Family Room
A Place Called Home – Living Room
A Place Called Home – Dining Room
Come Home – Easter Service
Overcoming Adversity
Sowing Unintentional Seeds