Day Fifteen


During this time of our fast, we are going to look at connecting people to God through the life of the One who modeled it for us perfectly, Jesus Christ. It was the Son of God’s life mission to engage with lost humanity in a way that drew them to His Father. His mandate is stated so clearly in His own words:

“I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well; for I was sent for this purpose.” – Luke 4:43 ESV

This good news is all about a restoration of that which was lost in the Garden of Eden. In the Garden, relationship between God and man was at its best. Love was the core of all action and interaction. There was a holy alliance between Heaven and Earth that was working together to spread the Glory of the Father throughout the newly created world!  Life, adventure, purpose, love!

Though this was lost because of the price of sinful choices, Jesus came to restore all of this to everyone who would accept what He released to them – divine love when they accept Him as their Savior!

Now it’s our turn. We have been asked by Holy Spirit to join this restoration mission by following in the example of Jesus reaching out to lost humanity with His love. We are to connect to God, connect to people and connect people to GOD.

The first example I would like us to look at is found within a somewhat awkward situation. Jesus was walking toward a village of the Samaritans with His disciples, in route to Jerusalem. Before reaching the village, the disciples that were sent ahead of the group arrive back in the camp to inform the others that Jesus is not welcomed in the village because He is heading to Jerusalem.

James and John, brothers who were nick-named, “Sons of Thunder”, were quick to respond to the situation by asking Jesus if He would like them to use their amazing faith and supernatural gifts to call down fire on the village.

They forgot the most important part that Jesus wanted them to understand. Their hearts should always be to connect them to GOD, not to turn them over to their own demise.

Jesus responds in grace, both for the village citizens and the misguided zeal of His faithful disciples.

55 But He turned and rebuked them, and said, “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of; 56 for the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.” And they went on to another village. –  Luke 9:55-56 NASU

The problem was that the Samaritans did not have the same belief system as the Jews, especially when it came to the significance of Jerusalem. Instead of allowing this minor difference of opinion to cause offense and judgment to settle in, Jesus declares His intention of salvation for them, even though they were not open to receive it at that time. He was making a way in the spirit for them to hear and respond to God’s great love!

Let’s look at what happened:  After Jesus’ resurrection, Philip the Evangelist was sent by the Spirit to that region and a mighty revival broke out among the Samaritans (Acts 8)! Jesus’ seed of grace and declaration prepared the way for this amazing revival. What great grace!

Jesus was our model, but now, like Philip, we are the ones that are to go and to sow and to show His grace and love!

Today, let us take the challenge of sharing the truth of Jesus with those who are in the pathway of our lives. Whether they behave as we think they should towards Jesus at the time, just keep giving, going, and believing. We are making the way for a great awakening amongst all of God’s creation.

Pray that you will now have the love and light of Jesus and go shine for Him.

Let’s pray:

Lord, I ask that I will go for You. I will share the gospel at every opportunity You provide. Help me Lord to know that if they are not ready to receive the full truth at that moment, I am still plowing the ground and I am coming into the intention of Holy Spirit over their lives: SALVATION!! I will go forward and I will celebrate the success of taking a risk in sharing the Good News!  Obedience to go is the success of the spirit, and today I celebrate that I can and will do that! I pray that everyone who knows You personally will arise and go!






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