There is only one way to really continue to be ALL IN and that is if we have settled it in our hearts and minds that everything we do, say and think is going to be UNTO HIM!!

God spoke to us about seamless oneness. We need to be ALL IN with God. He is God, our Partner, our All in all, and we are to be completely devoted to Him. We recognized that He was talking about the seamless oneness of the Trinity being available to us as well as our oneness with our Father. There is nothing in between us when we are sincerely ALL IN.

Recognize God’s provision for us to be able to be ALL IN, We have been formed by God in His image and in His likeness, and we have also have all been invested in by God. He has given to us all Time, Talent, Energy and Finance.

Boldness is not a suggestion for ALL IN Christians. The definition of boldness here is “showing or requiring a fearless, daring spirit.” That is not to say we are rude. It does not mean for Christians to push their way on others, but it certainly means that we are not afraid of being bold to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Obedience is another important word and aspect in every Christian life. It is a principle of God in both the Old and the New Testament (Covenant).

Vision is “the ability to see or dream, especially as part of a religious or supernatural experience.” Vision is necessary if we are to accomplish anything in the Kingdom of God.

This is how God began speaking to me in regards to 2018. Devoted. What a word! This word is so layered in its meaning. It means “having strong love or loyalty for something or someone.”

We have so many things to be thankful for! God has spoken many things over us. We have been discovering and experiencing how limitless we are…

One of the ingredients of impact in those who make a difference is truth – God’s revelatory truth; then passion – a burning zeal that consumes their spirit-man; and a reflex obedience to follow through with God’s dictates and instructions. Jesus is a person that represents the truth of everything – he is the way,

Condition of the Heart

Sunday, 01 October 2017 by

You can be so godly and be so active with all the gifts that God gave you but he may not know you still. If your heart is not right with God, then it could all be a waste. There are things in our hearts that cause a blockage between us and God. The contents