Devotion means affectionate, loving, tender-hearted kindness, all that and more in one word. God is devoted to us as a loving father, but how can we be devoted to him if we do not have a proper understanding of who he is? He made us like him, which means we are a replica of him

Soul is the essence of a person. A conscious decision to love comes from the soul. It is not emotional love but a personal decision to prioritize the other person’s feelings.

This is a familiar scripture (or should be) to all of us. The Lord was speaking to a scribe who asked Him, “Which is the first commandment of all?”

For us to be ALL IN we must recognize that all things were made new to us through Jesus.

There is so much God has planned for His people to enjoy, and to accomplish as well. Part of the reason that it seems unobtainable at times is because we have religion, which kills the Spirit.

Most Christians think of worship as something we do when we come together on Sunday morning. We’ve learned that worship helps us endure trials and empowers us for witnessing. However, did you know that worship aids us in spiritual warfare as well? The worship and praise of Almighty God gives us victory over the enemy!

To be ALL IN is just in and of itself such a huge concept! Those words are very sobering to me. It means that there are some adjustments that God is asking His people for—all of us. It means there are areas that can be improved.

2018 Fasting Guide – Day Ten

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 by

We know that the Holy Spirit lives within us, and that He is the revelator that we need to bring transformation for us to be ALL IN. We can’t do it without Him, but we don’t have to!

All the people I talk to say that there is some area of their lives that they would like to be more victorious in. They struggle in the natural but mostly they struggle in their minds.

We must realize that God is so ALL IN that He gave His Son in order for us to become His sons and daughters.