Why should we even care about being equipped for the supernatural? Because we are the signs and wonders of God to a lost generation of people! We must be those who care enough to not only want to be what God wants us to be, but to do something about the ones who are on their way to eternity without Him.

If we are to be equipped for the supernatural we must cry out to God to be the difference. We cannot be so much like the world that no one else can tell the difference between us and the world.


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God is looking for the hungry, passionate, ones who won’t give up on their pursuit of Him. How many of you know there is always more of Him to understand? Always more revelation of what you are capable of? Always more love to receive and to give?

Day Twenty One

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CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD – WORD AND DEED 11 But when the multitudes knew it, they followed Him; and He received them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who had need of healing. – Luke 9:11 Connecting others to God is more than just a statement of clarity, it is

Day Twenty

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CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD – LOVE INSTEAD OF JUDGE How easy it is to make up your mind about someone or something.  This is especially true when driving on the crazy roads of South Florida.  How many times has someone cut you off, forgot to use a turning signal, or just plain didn’t see you

Day Nineteen

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CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD – PRIVATE PUBLIC MATTERS Have you ever heard anyone say something like this, “Religion is a private matter?”  I know I have.  Not sure why some feel that way, because it appears that God is very public about Himself throughout Scripture.  The more you look into the actions of God, the

Day Eighteen

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CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD – TRANSPARENT LIFE Christianity, at times, feels like it is a social club filled with people that have it all together.  Every “how are you” is met with a “Great, Praise the Lord” response that appears somewhat disingenuous and robotic in form. The reality is, however, that Christians have bad days

Day Seventeen

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CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD – KEEPING YOUR HEART PURE AS YOU PRAY AND LOVE OTHERS FOR GOD We are living in exciting times as we see God fulfilling His plan for the culmination of all things. In fact, as Holy Spirit presses on the earth more urgently, He is supernaturally opening the eyes and hearts

Day Sixteen

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CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD – COMPELLED TO ACTION As followers of Christ, our hearts are being changed and our lives are also changed. We desire even more of Him. In His presence, we experience more of His love, more of His power and more of His heart for others. Walking out true discipleship means we

Day Fifteen

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CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD – GREAT GRACE During this time of our fast, we are going to look at connecting people to God through the life of the One who modeled it for us perfectly, Jesus Christ. It was the Son of God’s life mission to engage with lost humanity in a way that drew