Matthew 5:16 calls us to let our light shine before men, that they may see our good deeds/works. However, it should end with giving all Glory to God. Our light is an extension of God’s eminence in us as the Father of Lights. It was its very essence that initiated creation and the creative ability

God’s goodness is designed to work in us and through us, but it requires that we have the right perspective of who God is to us. It limits our own design if we do not accurately know who God is to us. He is a righteous judge, but he is also a forgiver of sins.

David had the secret chords with which he accessed the throne of grace. He was an unashamed, undeterred worshipper who despite being an earthly king forgets his throne – to exalt the THRONE of the KING of kings. Even while he erred as a sinner (an adulterer and a murderer), with a broken spirit and

“Abba” is an Aramaic word for father. Some historical accounts mentioned it was used by Jesus and Paul to address God in a relation of personal intimacy. “Abba” is what a little child will passionately call “Daddy”. While “Father” could be seen as that most revered figure; “Daddy” is more like a big teddy bear

Well, this has been a great time together. Praying together, believing together, fasting together, and honoring Him together … as we worshiped together.
But that was just the beginning.

The Spirit is on the move. He is getting the Church to get on the move with Him. He has so much more for us to accomplish, and He is pouring out an abundance in the spirit for us to be able to accomplish all that He has for us.

Are you ready to live a changed life? Because we must realize that if we keep doing what we always have done, then we will produce more of the same of what we already have. So, if you are already living a limitless, awestruck life every day, then yes, keep on keeping on.

Jesus has provided the model for us, so our life should look like Him. Jesus showed that He was in this world, but He was not of this world.

Jesus was always equipping His disciples. The ones that walked with Him then, and the ones that would walk with Him, like you and I. He continually modeled how we are to live our lives, so we must see what He went out of His way to do. He went to those who needed to see and experience love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Jesus taught. But He didn’t just teach, He spoke with authority. When Jesus advised His disciples to watch and to do as He did, He was telling us … His disciples … to teach, to speak out, to live our lives with the power of God backing our words.