2017 Fasting Guide – Day Eleven


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled. - Matthew 5:6 NIV
I taught a two-part series on this, called “Hunger” and “Thirst.” You can find it on our website at Libertylifecenter.org/media/video if you want to hear more details. To live equipped for the supernatural, we must never stop in our pursuit for more of Him. We must be hungry for who He is. We must be hungry every day to be in His Word. We must want to gaze upon His beauty. Yes, that is also for the men. You see, there is nothing as beautiful as the presence of God. When they were writing this song, “What a Beautiful Name,” the girl who wrote it, Brooke Fraser, said she thought about whether men would feel uncomfortable about singing about God being beautiful, but then she thought of her pastor and she knew that he would love to sing those words. She said “Anyone that has come face to face with their own flaws and sin and came face to face with Jesus, knows His name is beautiful.

We have lost the nostalgia of that word and of course the name of Jesus that heals bodies and saves souls.” Yes, He is absolutely beautiful and there is nothing as satisfying as Him. The way I describe it is this: “Once you have seen Him, He leaves an imprint of His face on the back of our eyeball, so you will never forget.” Okay, not really, but what I mean is that once you have encountered Him, you can never forget that moment. You knew His love. You knew you were loved by Him. You knew that He took all of your sin, and you were made brand new. As if that wasn’t enough, you find that is just the beginning of showing you how beautiful He is, as the One who cares for you so personally. He continues to watch over you, and protect and provide, and He withholds no good thing from you.

The pursuit of God is not merely to find Him, but to seek how to become like Him, and be willing to change according to His standards.

In biblical terms, this is actually the pursuit of righteousness: to acquire His characteristics. When people seek God for other reasons, and largely experience failure, it’s because they want God to conform to their own image and what they want, instead of conforming to His image and what He desires. He doesn’t want us to conform to Him because He is a hard task master, He wants us to conform to Him, because He knows exactly what every individual needs to be fulfilled and to live a wonderful, amazing life. When we are conformed to HIM and His nature, we become equipped for the supernatural! You will no longer be living a life with natural limitations. Because you are operating by the spirit part of you. That is limitless. Jesus spent hours praying to His Father. He stayed connected to Him and all He was, and He was the exact representation of the Father. And what did He do? He lived a life of loving others. Unconditional love flowed out of Him and He lived limitless.
• He healed the sick.
• He raised the dead.
• He caused blind men to see.
• He cast out demons.
• He rescued people from satan and all of his deeds.
He gave people:
• Truth
• Hope
He spoke to their potential and ultimately He delivered their souls from death, hell and the grave. Hallelujah! We can do all that He did! Except there is one amazing thing He did for us what we could never do. He laid down His life, taking everyone’s sin upon Him. He was the spotless Lamb who did that, once and for all, for all. What a Savior! What a leader! What a provider! How beautiful is Jesus? It should be the desire of every believer to pursue Him daily. To desire to know His character and to be filled up with the knowledge of Him. When this is the pure desire of our heart … when we are hungry for more of Him, signs, wonders and miracles will be our daily bread — to share with others. Then we can show His beauty to everyone we meet, and introduce them to how wonderful He is.

What a Beautiful Name


Take Over

O Come To The Altar

More than Life

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